Weapon Outfitters KRAM Replacement Screws

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Weapon Outfitters KRAM Replacement Screws

The KRAMs utilize 3 screws for fastening.

Please select the screw pack for the appropriate size riser (5.5, 7.0, or 9.0) marked on the side of the KRAM.

For reference, the shortest screw in each pack is to attach the KRAM to the rear most hole of the ACOG.  The middle screw will need to be the longest to attach the mount, KRAM, and ACOG together.  The front screw further secures the mount to the KRAM.  

We offer two sets of screws for the front and center holes.  This is to ensure compatability with various OEM mounts so that you have enough thread engagement where needed but also to minimize protrusion into the top channel of the KRAM and the ACOG.  This is an aesthetic choice and won't effect function.  If there is a minor bit of protrusion, it is safe to shave the excess off the screw (when removed from the KRAM to prevent damage to the mount).  If you do so, we recommend some type of finish over the exposed metal to inhibit rust. 

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