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Weapon Outfitters KRAM Optic Spacers - ACOG Pattern

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Weapon Outfitters KRAM Optic Spacer - ACOG Pattern

Update:  LIMITED EDITION Anodized Colors available in 7.0 and 9.0!  Very limited quantities of Blue, Purple, and Desert Gold

Macedon Defense first introduced the KRAM to alleviate the restrictions the ACOG platform introduced:  the short eye relief combined with the low height made it all but impossible to run a rear back up iron sight and gave shooters issues with having to collapse all the way with the nose to the charging handle in order to attain proper eye relief. The KRAM was well received but dissapeared from the market when Macedon Defense stepped out of the industry.

Weapon Outfitters reached out to bring this elegantly simple product back to life after receiving inquiries nearly every week for years!

The KRAM is a cantilevered riser.  This allows you to keep a BUIS on your rifle, if you so choose, and gain better eye relief when using a 3-4x ACOG.  The different heights correspond to which BUIS you are using. 

The KRAM elevates the ACOG to between .22" - .35" depending on which riser you are using.  This means if your ACOG mount offered absolute co-witness (1.54" centerline height), the addition of a KRAM 5.5 adds ~0.22" of height.  This brings your total centerline height to 1.76", which is .06" taller than lower 1/3 co-witness (1.70" centerline height).  

The KRAM has been tested compatible with the following mounts and additonal models:

  • Trijicon OEM Mount
  • Bobro/Trijicon QD Mount
  • American Defense AD-B3
  • GG&G Accucam QD Mount
  • Geissele Super Precision ACOG Mount
  • Midwest Industries MI-QDTAV2
  • GDI ACOG Mount
  • Trijicon VCOG Optic
  • Trijicon IR Hunter Thermal Riflescopes
  • Trijicon TA44 with modification (cut and shortened by end-user)

We will update this list as we receive more input from customers.

AS A GENERAL RULE OF THUMB (results vary depending on what base mount you are using):

  • The "5.5" model works for very thin rear sights, such as the MBUS Pro
  • The "7.0" model works with most rear sights and results in a height similar to 1/3 co-witness mounts for red dots.
  • The "9.0" works with the thickest rear sights, such as the Polymer Magpul MBUS


  • Material:  US Sourced 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish:  Type III Hardcoat Anodized (Black or DDC)
  • Fasteners:  Grade 8, Black Oxide 10-32 Low Head Socket Cap Screws
  • Weight (w/o fasteners):  5.5 (16 grams), 7.0 (18 grams), 9.0 (28 grams)
  • Subtle logo with a debossed "WO KRAM" with sizing on ejection port side


  • (1) 3/32 Allen Wrench
  • (1) Packet of Vibra Tite

Fasteners (short and long screws included):  

  • 5.5 KRAM
    • Rear:  1/4"
    • Center:  7/16", 5/8"
    • Front:  1/4", 3/8"
  • 7.0 KRAM
    • Rear:  5/16"
    • Center:  1/2", 7/16"
    • Front:  5/16", 5/8"
  • 9.0 KRAM
    • Rear:  7/16"
    • Center:  5/8", 3/4"
    • Front:  3/8", 1/2"


Each KRAM Ships with 3/32 Allen Wrench, a packet of Vibra Tite, (1) Short Rear Screw, and two sets of center and front screws.  Using a 3/32 Allen Wrench or 3/32 driver bit:

  1. Test fit your center and front screws with your ACOG mount you are using:  The screws should thread deeply enough to engage but not so deep they protrude through to the channel of the KRAM or are visible looking down through the channel at the base of the ACOG
  2. After test fitting, affix the screws with no more than 12 in-lbs of torque (MAX) with a drop of thread locker each.  Do not overtighten or you risk damage to the KRAM and/or the ACOG
  3. Start with the Rear most screw that threads the KRAM to the ACOG
  4. Next, fasten the Front most screw that threads the Optic base to the KRAM
  5. Fasten the Center screw to fasten all three components
  6. Tighten Front, Rear, then Center screws to 10-12 in-lbs
  7. Allow thread locker to cure for 24 hours before firing
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Dangerous GoodsYes
FinishType III Hardcoat Anodized
Material7075-T6 Aluminum
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