Hoppes BoreSnake - .22 cal.Centerfire and Rimfire - 5.56mm

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Hoppes BoreSnake - .22 cal.Centerfire and Rimfire - 5.56mm

Hoppe's BoreSnakes can't be beat for expedient cleaning.  Faster than patches, with 160x the cleaning surface, a Hoppe's BoreSnake can leave your barrel spotless with a single pass.  Using bronze bristles followed by heavy duty fabric to pull out debris and residue.  

Simply drop the brass weight through the chamber/breach and pull through the muzzle.  Dunk the BoreSnake in Hoppe's or other solvents to improve the cleaning power.  Hoppe's BoreSnakes are machine and hand-washable to restore their cleaning power, for years of use.

We recommend using a BoreSnake after shooting if you're putting your rifle into storage for any length of time.  While not mandatory, especially with chrome-lined or melonited barrels, it is a good habit to be in -- storing your rifles cleaned to protect your investment.

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