Geissele Automatics Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced Trigger

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Geissele Automatics Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced Trigger

The Geissele Super Semi-Automatic, Enhanced (SSA-E) Trigger is built on the foundations of the lauded SSA trigger. This trigger features all the durability and reliability of the original SSA, but the Enhanced portion is a lighter 1st and 2nd stage pull weights. After a smooth and light 1st stage take-up, the 2nd stage of the trigger offers a candy cane like break, allowing for great accuracy potential.

Stock triggers on AR-15s have long been known for excessive weights of pull, and long, gritty travel. The SSA-E offers a quick, smooth take-up, and a trigger break compared to that of a carrot breaking. This allows for much more practical accuracy in semi-automatic fire, as users no longer have to fight sub standard triggers to make clean shots.

This trigger is bomb proof, and will last longer than any other component on the rifle: we've been testing Geissele since since these triggers were first made available to the public in 2008, and the trigger still feels as good as a brand new SSA-E from the factory. The triggers themselves are cast, cryo treated, then EDM wire cut for maximum precision.

  • 2-Stage Trigger
  • 1st Stage: ~2.3lbs pull
  • 2nd Stage: ~1.2lbs pull
  • ~3.5lbs Total Pull Weight
  • Non-Adjustable
  • Mil-Spec Pin size

Recommended for Target Shooting, Precision Shooting

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Dangerous GoodsYes
Shipping RestrictionITAR/Export Restricted
Trigger StageTwo-Stage
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