Forward Controls Design OPF-P320/RMR MOS Adapter Plate - Rear Sight Dovetail

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Forward Controls Design OPF-P320/RMR MOS Adapter Plate - Rear Sight Dovetail

OPF-P320, RMR (Optics Platform, Sig 320, for RMR) is a compatible plate  for mounting Trijicon RMR or SRO on Sig P320/M17 slides with optics plate cut.

OPF-P320, RMR, RSD is compatible with P320 X-Five Legion, Legion Carry, and DP Cut.  It is not compatible with P320 Pro Cut, P320 sub compact, AXG, and RX.

  • Sight is fully supported in the front and rear by recoil lugs/fences
  • Eliminated excessive movement
  • Eliminated the need for a sealer plate
  • Base material:  Machined Steel
  • Will fit any style RMR and SRO
  • Ships with plate to slide screws, and sight to plate screws that both are fastened by a provided T10 Torx key
  • OPF-G is held within 0.003 tolerance range, while RMRs can be 0.005 in difference -- these means the OPF-P320 will be within very close spec to most RMRs but there may either be some movement, or the RMR will need to be forced into place

NOTE: Army issued M17/M18 slide has slightly different plate mounting, the OPF-P320, RMR is incompatible with Army issued M17/M18.

Machined in 4140 steel and black oxide coated, OPF-P320, RMR, RSD 

OPF-P320, RMR, RSD has an integrated dovetail for installation of the rear iron sight.  The following sights are compatible:

Truglo P320 backup sights made specifically for Tangodown/FCD plates.


OPF-M17, RMR, RSD is shipped with two 4-40x3/16 Allen screws (plate to slide), a 3/32 Allen key, two T10 5-32x3/8 screws (sight to plate) and a packet of VC-3.

Torque values:
Plate to slide: 6 in·lb
Sight to plate: 12 in·lb

Billet machined in 4140, Melonite coated.

OPF-P320, RMR, RSD is a Forward Controls Design and Tangodown collaboration. Proudly designed and made in the USA.


OPF-P320, RMR, RSD was designed and made for Trijicon's RMR, though Holosun 507c, 508T and 509T (with the adapter plate it comes with) also work on it, we do not guarantee fit and function for these sights on OPF-P320, RMR, RSD.

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Dangerous GoodsNo
FinishBlack Oxide
Material4140 Steel
Optic ModelRMR Pattern
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