Forward Controls Design AR-15 NP3 Bolt Carrier Group - All Angles - Dimpled

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Forward Controls Design AR-15 NP3 Bolt Carrier Group - All Angles - Dimpled
Forward Controls Design AR-15 SBCG Bolt Carrier Group has a host of improvements over standard Mil-Spec BCG.

The S in SBCG stands for Secure Staking, Slick Side. SBCG carrier has a series of serrations or dimples to aid in closing an out of battery bolt on upper receivers without a forward assist. The carrier is still cut for the pawl of a forward assist notches and is fully compatible with slick or standard upper receivers. The dimples on the carrier are a signature texture of Forward Controls Design, and the one we like the most.

The Secure Staking is achieved via the OCKS (Optimized Carrier Key Screws). The knurled OCKS get much better bite from proper staking, and require 55-100 inch pounds of torque in order break loose. Essentially -- this carrier key won't come loose under any sort of firing schedule. A flyaway carrier key (from not being properly staked) can cause a catastrophic failure in an AR-15. Carrier keys can still fail, cracking or debris getting lodged in the key -- it is nice to have the option to replace a carrier key and not the entire bolt carrier itself. So this unit is still user serviceable unlike one-piece carriers.

All SBCGs are test fired with 5 rounds of XM193 before shipping.

  • Bolt Material: Carpenter 158 Steel
  • Carrier Material: 8620 Steel machinged to USGI Specifications
  • OKCS Carrier Screws
  • HP/MPI Inspected
  • Shot peened bolt
  • Sprinco Heavy Extractor Spring w/ black spring insert
  • Bolt, Gas Key, and Cam Pin Finish: NP3
  • Carrier Finish: Nickel/PTFE Plating
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Dangerous GoodsYes
Shipping RestrictionITAR/Export Restricted
Bolt Carrier CutFull Auto (FA)
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