Echo Arms Helmet Plate - Fast Attach M-LOK

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Echo Arms Helmet Plate - Fast Attach M-LOK

The Echo Arms Fast Attach M-LOK Helmet Plates are a versatile tool for mounting illumination or other accessories to a variety of helmets using aggressive hook and loop fasteners. Other helmet mounts are limited by proprietary rails utilized by the different helmet manufacturers, whereas the Fast Attach system, with it's breakaway design allows for much more versatility. This also frees up limited rail space for other accessories. Wherever you can affix a hook and loop base, you can affix a Fast Attach mount. Additionally, the breakway design enhances safety when gear is snagged by branches, doorways, parachutes, or aircraft openings, the Fast Attach simply peels away, reducing neck injury to the operator.

When using a helmet mounted light, the Fast Attach Plate can be aimed forward for navigation or aimed upwards for "umbrella lighting" indoors -- reducing the chance of shining a weapon light in a teammates face.

Select by color (Black, Coyote); and then either pick a stripped Plate (Basic), Magpul Aluminum or Polymer Picatinny Rail Section, GoPro/ Camera mount, or an integrated Echo Arms Light Body. The Basic plate is offered for those who have all extra components to fully mount a light.

The light body models are compatible with all products that interface with a Surefire M300 Scout light. Sold separately, pair a tailcap and light head of your choice to the Echo Arms Fast Attach Helmet Light Body mount and use with a CR123, just as you would with a scout light.

The Fast Attach system has a wide range of uses, not just for ballsitic helmets --but also useful for bump helmets for rock climbers, SAR teams, or for mounting a GoPro for sports enthusiasts.

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