AirBoss Defense Low Burden Mask - Outserts

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AirBoss Defense Low-Burden Mask LBM - Outserts

The Airboss Defense Low Burden Mask (LBM) Outserts are an essential add-on for your Low Burden Mask.  All Airboss LBMs are sealed with a clear optical insert, but to prevent damage to this insert, you should equip a quick attach Outsert. 

Available in Clear, Sun, Yellow, or Laser (for laser protection, more on this below).  Select for the size of your mask as lenses come in Small/Medium and Large/Extra large.

Outserts prevent damage to the insert that would otherwise accumulate and obscure your vision; as well as offering a second layer of ballistic eye protection.  The Outserts ability to quickly change allows you to adapt your mask to current lighting conditions without removing the mask when worn.  Optically perfect, Airboss LBM Outserts cause very little parallax shift or distortion -- lending to the Airboss LBM's reputation as the best gas mask for shooters.  

Laser protective eye pro is relatively new, but as occular disruption becomes more often a tool in areas of unrest -- laser protection will prevent retinal damage that would occur from malicious actors. 

Not all wavelengths can be blocked at once, and the general rule of thumb is the color of the lens itself, blocks laser wavelengths that we perceive as the opposite color.  That is to say, a green lens as shown will help block most of the damaging wave lengths from infrared and red-emitting lasers.

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