Geissele Automatics Super 42 Braided Wire Buffer Spring and Buffer Combo


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Geissele Automatics Super 42 Braided Wire Buffer Spring and Buffer Combo


The Geissele Super 42 Spring is inspired by the German MG42 Machine Gun. Using three independant strands of wire, the Super 42 acts as a harmonic damper and energy absorber by allowing the springs to flex independently; creating a displacement of excess energy said to decrease the change of spring failure and assists with making your AR-15 more reliable. The Super 42 exerts 15% stronger average return force over a mil-spec action spring.

Compared to mil-spec springs, the Geissele Super 42 has a decreased tendency to lose length and force over its service life. Additionally, and most notably, the reverberating twang often heard and felt shooting AR-15s is gone when using the Super 42.

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Based on 2 review(s) (2)

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My favorite buffer system for conventional carbine buffer tubes

Posted by Silver | (Posted on 5/23/2019)

In this man's humble opinion a lot of people overlook the buffer spring and opt to tinker with the buffer first to tune their system. That's too bad because mil spec carbine buffer springs can have drastic swings in performance during their service life which can give people bizarre fluke like malfunctions.

But Geissele really delivers the Space Kraut magic on this one. As advertised the harmonics are super dampened and the system is ultra quiet and smooth. More quiet than my Tubbs Flat Wire Buffer Spring in my precision rig even. No need to spend all that extra dough on the JP Silent capture system - this one will be just as quiet and the price is super reasonable when you factor in the cost of a custom spring (Springco) and H1 buffer from a different manufacturer. The spring also has a stronger return force which aids in reliability and lock time so you can use less buffer weight for tuning in any given system which reduces overall reciprocating mass.

I run this system in my SBR and on all my future builds because I love it so much. I definitely recommend.


Worth buying but not without issues

Posted by Marion | (Posted on 6/6/2018)

I needed a replacement buffer spring and figured even with it being pricier than a flat wire spring I would give it a try because of its reviews. Not having the annoying spring sound with every shot was a definite plus.

So far I am very happy with the springs performance but here are the disappointments I have found with it.

Information I read about the spring said it came with its own buffer because the springs mouth was narrower and would not accept mil spec buffers. This is not true, as other buffers I have work fine with it. I suppose its to encourage you to by buffer weights from the company but including the buffer adds to the cost of the spring.

The braided spring did eliminate the scrunching sound I have hated since I entered in the military in 1976. That sound however was replaced with a high pitched tuning fork "ping" sound. The ping is blocked by hearing protection and isn't really an issue.

Bottom line is its a great option for your rifle to replace or upgrade your buffer spring.


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