[Bundle] 10% Off Trijicon RMR + Glock Slide Services and Custom Mounting from ATEi


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[Bundle] 10% Off Trijicon RMR + Glock Slide Services and Custom Mounting from ATEi


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We're offering the top-notch services from ATEi to our customers who want the best the industry has to offer when it comes to tuned, custom slide work for maximizing retention, optic mounting, and corrosion resistant finishes.  ATEi has been in the RMR mounting game the longest, and their experience with the quirks and peculiarities of mounting a RMR pays off with the best possible solution on the market.  Each RMR is custom fit at time of slide milling/mounting so the entire ruggedized housing is employed in resisting movement and shock.  After slide work is done, users have the option of getting the same supremely corrosion and rust resistant black nitride refinishing done on their slide.

When you complete a purchase with this bundle in your cart, email us at info@weaponoutfitters.com and we'll send you our address.  Mail us your slide and we'll handle the rest!  We'll ship the slide back to you on the same time-frame that ATEi offers, with a 2-8 week lead time depending on where they are in the batch process of getting slides refinished

When ATEi mills the Side Serrations, they deepen the rear serrations and add matching front serrations, you can choose to leave partial the partial rollmarks or have then removed.  The top serrations follow a fish gill pattern as seen in the photos.  The Red Dot milling relieves a portion of the top rear slide that allows you to mount an RMR or similar to the slide.  

Select from any of the following sets of options:

  • Mini Red Dot Pro Cut Milling
  • Enhanced Side Serrations, Front & Rear -- Leave Rollmarks or Remove Rollmarks
  • Top of Slide Serrations -- Front, Rear, or Full Top of Slide Serrations  
  • Slide Refinishing -- Select Black Nitride or Nickel Boron
  • Trijicon RMRs -  Select by model
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