Ms. Clean Kits The Double (w/ Weapon Lubricant)


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Ms. Clean Kits The Double (w/ Weapon Lubricant)


The MS Clean Kit was developed out of the need for a better cleaning kit for America's rifle. America's troops are still issued the same cleaning kits that were hastily invented during Vietnam after recognizing the effects of improperly maintained rifles in adverse conditions.

Recently a civilian kit was adopted that lacks some important components. Both kits came in a soft case that would inevitably crush the container of CLP spilling it all over the troop's gear and uniforms. It may not seem like a big deal, but then you probably never slept in a sleeping bag soaked in oil not knowing when your next shower is going to be.

That is why the MS Clean Kit (The Double) is in a crush proof case. It is sized to fit in double magazine pouches like a magazine (yet will NOT fit into a rifle) so it can be stored in extra readily available double magazine pouches.

  • Double 5.56mm magazine approximate dimensions
  • Crush-Proof
  • Squib Projectile/Obstruction Clearance Capability
  • FTE/Stuck Case Clearance Capability
  • NATO (8-36) to Civilian (8-32) Attachment Thread Adapter
  • Common Weapons Field-Servicing Capability i.e. Cleaning of bore and chamber, Lubricant Storage
  • Optical glass cleaning capabilities (Lens Pen)

MS Clean Kit "The Double" comes in the following case colors: Black or Flat Dark Earth.

Each kit contains: Sectioned steel rods, T-handle, steel patch eyelet, All purpose double ended brush, .223/5.56 bore brush, chamber brush, dental pick, 5.56 Boresnake, Lens Pen, and 5ml lube packet of your choice: Frog Lube, FIREClean, or Breakthrough CLP.

Manufacturer MS Clean
MSRP $79.99


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