Sprinco USA Machine Gunner's Lubricant - 1 oz.


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Sprinco USA Machine Gunner's Lubricant - 1 oz.


Product Description

Machine Gunner's Lube is a great lubricant well suited to guns that are run hard. High round counts and suppressor use doesn't faze this stuff in the least! If you are a little Walter White about your chemical lubricants, read the Manufacturer's Decription for a bunch of words that are hard to pronounce!

Manufacturer's Description
Machine Gunners Lube™ is made from fully synthetic Group V base stocks. Poly Ester chains in Group V base stocks offer superior protection against thermal breakdown versus PAO's and GTL's, and contain significant natural solvent properties for self cleaning capabilities. In addition to minimizing carbon accumulation, the Poly Ester base oil acts as a water dispersant and corrosion inhibitor, protecting the lubricated parts in desert, jungle, and arctic climatic environments. Unique to Machine Gunners Lube™ is a proprietary re-micronized (0.3 micron) inhibited Molybdenum Disulfide (MOS2) component in colloidal suspension. In layman's terms, this means that the particles remain suspended within the lubricant, and do not segregate to the bottom of the container. Our inhibited MOS2 is specifically modified to retard, rather than induce corrosion. This moly component allows for a solid lubrication barrier in conjunction with the hydraulic lubrication afforded by the host synthetic lubricant. The re-micronized particles are small enough to penetrate the molecular lattice structure of the carbon, stainless, or chromium plated steel working surfaces of the weapon, where they are released under the heat of use to maintain the initial solid or "boundary" lubrication layer. No other moly additives on the market contain particles this small, nor do they share the unique ability to remain in colloidal suspension. Our proprietary manufacturing process allows the uniform distribution of the re-micronized MOS2 both within and upon the lubricated surfaces of the weapon. This ability provides a further advantage over other gun oils in the form of lubrication retention when the host / hydraulic lubricant is removed by mechanical, chemical, or environmental means. Basically, the weapon is still protected and has a functional advantage even when appearing "dry". The melting point of the MOS2 component is in excess of +2700°F !!! MSDS Available upon request to info@tacticalsprings.com.

High shear strength, and not susceptible to mechanical wear.

High shear strength equates to increased surface tension, which in turn, keeps your parts coated for extended durations.

This property also allows the use of Machine Gunners Lube™ for personal carry firearms, as it does not "run off" the pistol.

Stability in extreme heat, maintaining lubrication properties in temperatures exceeding +650°F.

Pour point of -50°F for reliable use in arctic deployment. Contains NO Chlorinated Esters or PFTE (TEFLON®.)

Reduced carbon fouling deposition, and detergent properties make cleaning residue much easier and faster, even with .50 caliber platforms.

Available "Battle Bottle™" containers are sized to fit in any spare battery storage compartment found on most carbine platforms (grips, vertical foregrips, stocks) allowing the operator quick access to an ample quantity of lube in the field prior to return to FOB.

Unconditional "NO B.S." Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Manufacturer Sprinco USA
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