Sheriff Of Baghdad Combat Band

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Sheriff Of Baghdad Combat Band

Sheriff Of Baghdad Combat Bands (also known as riggers bands) are simple in design, yet elegant in use.  Made of high temperature silicone that is heat resistant up to 600+ Degrees Farenheight -- SOB Combat bands are great for securing your kit and not as expanble as fragile rubber bands.

Whether you are using it to keep a tape switch cable tight to the rail, affixing a tourniquet to your butt stock, adding grip to your mags, preventing mag on mag clatter, or taking the wobble out of a PVS-14 mount -- SOB Combat Bands can solve a variety of common gear problems and are useful in dozens of ways.  

Sample Uses for Combat Bands from John McPhee and SOB Tactical:
  • Slings to control excess on buttstock or handguard
  • Mark your beer and or Wiskey bottle
  • PVS-14 to mount to take out the wobble
  • On hand guard to avoid heat
  • On hand guard for grip
  • On pistols for grip
  • Roll up your jacket for your backpack
  • Place foliage over your sniper rifle or scope
  • Contain cables on AR
  • Hold tape switches in place on AR

Starting at $10 for a pack of (8) -- Select from Black or Coyote Brown, or in a pack of (18) for $20.

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