Sprinco USA AR-10 Action Springs - (Orange / .308 Extra Power)


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Sprinco USA AR-10 Action Springs - (Orange / .308 Extra Power)


Sprinco Springs are constructed from Certified Chrome Silicon wirestock to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards to withstand extreme heat and highly cyclic rate. The certification rating ensures a consistency in the parent material of 95%, which translates to repeatable consistency in performance & function. Certified Valve Quality Chrome Silicon wire is used in very high stress applications such as, NASCAR, Formula One, Moto GP & Pro Stock racing motor valve springs. It is not uncommon in some of these applications for valve springs to see 15,000,000 compression cycles in one race. It is this extraordinary capability that makes Chrome Silicon wire the obvious choice for Sprinco, compared to music wire or 17-7 PH used in OEM springs and by most aftermarket competitors.

In addition, all of Sprinco's Chrome Silicon buffer springs are heat treated, stress relieved, and dual-stage shot peened in separate post winding treatments. Each spring is also treated with a proprietary, deep-penetrating, Re-Micronized (to .3 Micron particle size), inhibited, Molybdenum-Disulfide (MoS2) formulation to eliminate 90% of all mechanical wear on the spring. 

Standard AR15/AR10 buffer springs (aka "action springs") are wear items which must be replaced regularly in order for to operate reliably, with conservative replacement taking place every 5000 rounds. Sprinco action springs in comparison, are over engineered and will last over 500,000 cycles.

I was first clued in to these springs by former US Marine and US Army Special Forces solider and trainer Mike Pannone, and have run one spring on my main rifle since 2008. Despite a strong dry firing and live fire firing schedule (10-15K annually) this spring is still going strong! We at Weapon Outfitters fully endorse the Sprinco spring's performance and longevity.


Extra Power for .308 Carbine (color coded ORANGE): The ONLY specifically engineered EXTRA POWER Buffer Spring for .308 Carbine Platforms using standard 7" Depth M4 extension tubes and .308 short "stubby" buffers (Including aftermarket "heavy buffers.") You cannot clip coils from any other commercially buffer spring to yield the proper spring loads for this application, especially in heavily gassed .308 carbine platforms.

Manufacturer Sprinco USA
Shipping Restriction ITAR/Export Restricted
MSRP $19.99


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Love these springs

Posted by Christian | (Posted on 10/28/2020)

I ordered this spring to test with some 308 reloads and with FGMM 7.62x51. Both showing a little ejector swipe in my LaRue OBR. This spring is too heavy even for these hotter loads. My point being it is a bit heavier than the red.


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