KDG - Kinetic Development Group Kinect MLOK Rail Sections


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Full Details & Specifications

KDG - Kinetic Development Group Kinect MLOK Rail Sections


The Kinect™ by KDG for MLOK™ is a revolutionary QD mounting system that will change the way we attach accessories to our modular weapons platforms. Much like the Sidelok™ for Picatinny attachment, Kinect™ insures proper and easy installation, eliminating common variables that would cause issues.(ie: over tightening)

Although revolutionary, Kinect™ is quite simple in its operation. There are two spring-loaded wedges in the base of the Kinect™ mounting point. When you press the accessory or rail section down in the MLOK™ slot, two tiny deployment triggers get pressed against the rail firing the wedges into place.

There is nothing more frustrating that fiddling with an allen wrench (if you can find it) to get your accessories on an off your weapon with traditional modular rail sections. This changes the whole dynamic of the MLOK™ system and really makes every accessory truly removable with the ability to mount it in a second when needed.


  • Length: 1.68″ (42.8mm) Use with one MLOK section
  • Width: .82″ (20.9mm)
  • Height (Over MLOK): .41″ (10.5mm)
  • Finish: Black Anodized
  • Compatibility: Compatible with any MLOK rail system.
  • Weight: 0.7oz for 3-Slot Mount

***Please allow your new Kinect piece a break in period, due to the new anodizing finish.

Manufacturer Kinetic Development Group
MSRP $49.99
Color Black


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