Overwatch Precision TAC Triggers for Glock Gen 1-4 - 9mm/.40 S&W/.357 Sig


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    Special Price $94.97

    Regular Price: $135.00

Full Details & Specifications

Overwatch Precision TAC Triggers for Glock Gen 1-4 - 9mm/.40 S&W/.357 Sig


In the world of aftermarket replacement parts for Glock pistols, shooters have been tooling their triggers more than any other component. Some see the stock Glock trigger as needing improvement while others wouldn't want to modify the triggers in their carry firearms.

Overwatch Precision set out to improve the tactile feel and performance of the Glock trigger while maintaining the stock pull weight and maintaining the integrity of all the Glock's Safe Action Pistol safety settings. The TAC Trigger is the second offering from Overwatch Precision, updated from their DAT Trigger - the new TAC Trigger features a slight forward hook on the bottom of the trigger shoe which helps anchor the trigger finger, creating a better tactile index.

The TAC triggers are conceived to be for more serious use: Concealed Carry or Duty Carry. As such, the color combinations are more subdued. We find the Grey trigger shoes look most suitable on OD/FDE/Grey framed Glocks.

To Order: The first/top option is the trigger main body color, the second option is the trigger safety color

Features & Specifications:

  • Machined from 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • 316 Stainless Steel coiled spring pins
  • Trigger Shoe and Safety are Type III Hard Coat Anodized to MIL-A-8625 Standard
  • Robar NP3 coating on the OEM Glock trigger bar
  • Small indexing hook for consistent trigger finger placement
  • Straight, rearward press
  • Trigger reach is 0.24" less than a stock Glock trigger (ideal for smaller statured shooters
  • Reduced pre-travel with no pre-engagement on the drop safety (OEM safety specs intact, trigger pull optimized)
  • Fits Glock pistols in 9mm/.40 Cal/.357 SIG (Does not fit G43)
  • Available in the following color combinations:
    • Black Shoe/Black Safety
    • Black Shoe/Bright Red Safety
    • Grey Shoe/Black Safety
    • Grey Shoe/Bright Red Safety
Manufacturer Overwatch Precision
Shipping Restriction ITAR/Export Restricted
MSRP $135.00
Weapon Model No
Material 7075-T6 Aluminum
Material Finish Type III Hard Coat Anodized


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It proved me wrong

Posted by Vincente | (Posted on 12/3/2018)

Normally I like curved triggers. Normally I hate trigger's with a safety built in. But as I started getting into glocks, I knew I'd have to get over that. I bought this trigger mainly for the cosmetic factors and was really only interested in ANYTHING that would improve over the standard glock trigger. I didn't put much stock into the claim that the travel distance on the trigger would be shortened, but I was clearly mistaken. The trigger has a smooth break and a much quicker reset than the standard Glock trigger. The trigger safety also is a huge improvement, it is much less obtrusive and regardless of where I would normally rest my finger, the safety is depressed. The break is quick and smooth with minimal resistance added during the pull. The reset is just as smooth and the trigger itself kind of guides your finger through the reset. It's a glock, so the installation was as easy as can be, and I had to perform no custom fits or anything on a Glock 19 Gen4.


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