[Bundle] ISMI Glock Guide Rod and Recoil Spring Set


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[Bundle] ISMI Glock Guide Rod and Recoil Spring Set


Integrated Systems Management Inc. (ISMI) makes captured guide rods and springs for handguns and rifles for tuning, whether in competition or to fulfill contract needs for MIL/LEO units who need to run world class springs for optimal reliability.  The ISMI captured guide rods for Glocks are machined from stainless steel and utilize a button head screw to retain the spring when the assembly is out of the pistol.  Swapping for different spring weights is a simple matter then and allows shooters to tune their comp equipped pistols or to find the optimal balance of spring weight when using hand loads.  

First:  Select the guide rod for your Glock based on model/caliber:

  • Mid-Size Frame (Glock 19 and similar in 9mm/.40/.357)
  • Large Frame (Glock 17, 34 and similar in 9mm/.40/.357)
  • 10mm & .45 Guide Rod (Glock 20/21)

Generally speaking, a lighter spring (lower poundage) will help cycle weaker ammunition (target rounds in the 115 grain, regular pressure range) or for pistols that are equipped with compensators (ala the Roland Special.)  Heavier springs will help where a shooter is using a suppressor, hot ammunition like +P or +P+ self-defense rounds or ammunition tuned for Maximum Power Factor for competition shooting.  Below is a list of available springs and relative strengths.

You may select one or more guide rods or springs as needed for testing with your firearms :

Available Spring Strength:

  • Mid Sized Frame Springs (Marked as "Glock 19.")  For refernce, stock spring weight is 19 lbs
    • 13 lbs (Compensated 9mm pistols, low power ammo)
    • 15 lbs (Tuned best for TBRC Glock Micro Comp)
    • 18 lbs 
    • 20 lbs
    • 22 lbs (Max Power Factor, .40cal/.357 SIG, suppressed, +P+ ammo)
  • Large Sized Frame Springs (Marked as "Glock 17" for all calibers)
    • 11 lbs
    • 13 lbs
    • 15 lbs
    • 17 lbs
    • 20 lbs
    • 22 lbs
    • 24 lbs
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