Condition Gray Gen 2 Sling Retainer Catches (SRC2)


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Condition Gray Gen 2 Sling Retainer Catches (SRC2)


New Color Options Soon (1/10/2020):  Multicam Tropic and Poppies of War!

Taking the best of the Gen-1 Sling Retainer Catch (SRC) and adding key features, Condition Gray have released the Gen-2 SRC.

At a 1/2" more surface area width and set with a hypalon inset the stability for more variations of slings was achieved. Based off end-user ingenuity and feedback, the SRC2 is more versatile than ever before.  Use a sling catch, or on a holster body to also retain a tourniquet.  See pictures for more information. 

Color options include:

Black, Gray, Ranger Green, Multicam, Multicam Black, Multicam Tropic, Flat Dark Earth and the limited edition Poppies of War in Black and Vintage!

Manufacturer Condition Gray
Shipping Restriction No
MSRP $25.00


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Based on 1 review(s) (1)

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Must have item for your carbine

Posted by Mark | (Posted on 9/9/2019)

I think by now most everyone agrees that if you have a carbine you need to have a sling. What to do with that sling prior to deploying the rifle is a subject of discussion and debate amongst most shooters. I found that these sling retainers (straps) do an outstanding job of solving my biggest sling issue which is the sling catching on things prior to me slinging the rifle. I know some folks prefer blousing straps or bungee cords for some kind of field expedient sling holder, but these straps are all function and no gimmick. The backing on the straps holds them in place on my handguard (Magpul polymer) and the strap itself keeps the sling rolled up and out of the way. I can easily pull my rifle out of my bag and take a shot without fear of the sling getting caught on something or if time is not of the essence I can gently pull the sling free of the strap and secure the rifle to my body as normal. The Condition Gray Sling Retainer stays out of the way until I need to put secure the sling and stow the rifle.
I bought an extra in hopes of using it to secure my TQ to mu pistol holster as shown in the example photos, but it just wasn't long enough to make it around my Safariland holster for a P226 with light. I can't be mad though, since the straps work great on the rifle and that was their intent.
I highly recommend this item. I bought it on a whim to see if it worked and now I wouldn't want to go without it.


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