BRT - Black River Tactical EZTUNE Gas Tubes


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BRT - Black River Tactical EZTUNE Gas Tubes


The BRT EZTune Gas Tube reduces gas system flow and corrects excessive gas drive from barrels with large gas ports.  The EZTune Gas Tube replaces the standard length gas tube and requires no modifications or removal of the gas block, making it ideal for barrels with pinned muzzle devices or gas blocks.

With no moving parts to fail, the EZTUNE Gas Tubes are the most reliable way to minimize gas before it hits the carrier.  While many products have worked to deal with gas in the shooter's face when using a suppressor -- the excess gas has already influenced the bolt carrier speed and how much wear that is introducing on the firearm.  Reducing overall flow will decrease wear and tear, as well as provide a smoother shooting experience.

After installation, the EZTUNE requires no user adjustments or maintenance.  This items consists of 1 gas tube and pin.

We recommend taking a look at the discussion on BRT EZTUNE gas tubes on M4C:

Installation requires removal and replacement of the gas tube.

BRT EZTUNE Gas tube is available in the following configurations:

  • Carbine, 10" to 16", suppressed
  • Carbine, 10" to 12.5"
  • Carbine, 12" to 14" 
  • Carbine, 14" to 16"
  • Midlength, 14" to 16"
Manufacturer Black River Tactical
Shipping Restriction No
MSRP $49.95
Weapon Model AR15/M16
Material No
Material Finish No
Color Stainless Steel (Silver)


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Based on 3 review(s) (3)

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Turn a gassy barrel into perfection

Posted by Ben | (Posted on 1/14/2022)

This was a simple fix for a way overgassed (very expensive) short barrel that I use with a suppressor. It was so overgassed that even with an A5H2 the cam pin was gouging out the upper receiver when cycling. Rather than spending the money to buy a whole new barrel I swapped the standard gas tube with one of these and the difference was amazing. It tamed the gas so much I moved down to an A5H0 which runs smoothly suppressed or unsuppressed. Can't recommend this enough.


Quality product

Posted by James | (Posted on 10/17/2021)

16 in. Barrel with carbine gas system was way over gassed . I tried different spring & buffer weights with no success. I found this product & thought what the hell, I'll try it. WOW! It worked!! With a standard buffer spring and standard carbine buffer it's throwing brass to about the 4 o clock area and tamed the recoil and smoothed the action out. I would recommend this eztune gas tube, for sure!


A great gas tube for gassy rifles

Posted by Jordan | (Posted on 2/13/2021)

I recently built a 13.9 upper where, during a recent shooting class, my rifle exhibited over gassed traits such as brass casings ejecting at 1 o'clock and sharp feedback from the mid-length gas system. I perused the internet to solve the issue and stumbled upon the BRT EZTune gas tube. I was skeptical about the idea of installing a smaller port gas tube on my rifle, but I put my skepticism aside and tried it out. I went to the range yesterday and saw the difference in the rifle's function. It was a softer shooting rifle where the reduced gas port from the gas tube assisted with the brass ejecting at 3:30 and mitigated my rifle's over-gassed tendency. Pair the BRT EZTune gas tube with a Springco Blue Action Spring with an H2 buffer; it will make an over gassed gun a softer shooting setup.


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