Badger Ordnance Gen 3 Ambidextrous 5.56 AR-15 Charging Handle - Tan


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Badger Ordnance Gen 3 Ambidextrous 5.56 AR-15 Charging Handle - Tan


The Gen 3 Ambidextrous Charging Handle is designed to be significantly more robust than a GI handle as well as giving and ambidextrous capability.

The Gen 3 latches are just the right size and shape to give you rapid access while having a generous radii to avoid being a snag hazard. Machined from 7075 T6 forgings, this handle is significantly stronger than those made from billet or extrusions. Large Stainless Steel pins hold the latches in place, and the mechanism is operated by a Stainless Steel sling.

The Gen 3 Ambidextrous Charging Handle is optimized for use with Mil Spec AR-15/M16/M4 platform rifles. Mil Spec Anodized Hard Coat Type III, Tan. Weight 1.3 oz

Manufacturer Badger Ordnance
Shipping Restriction ITAR/Export Restricted
MSRP $105.00
Charging Handle Style Ambidextrous Latch
Material 7075-T6 Aluminum
Material Finish Type III Hard Coat Anodized
Color Tan
Mil-Spec/Mil Issued Equipment Yes
Weapon Model AR15/M16


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Based on 1 review(s) (1)

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Aesthetic + Functionality 100%

Posted by John | (Posted on 5/4/2020)

I didn't need this charging handle, but I wanted it. On a nearly all-black blaster, I put a splash of color with a tan FCD trigger guard, and I realized that wasn't enough... I was waking up at night, sweating and thinking about this sexy charging handle, then trying to find reviews online for it. It was like catching a glimpse of Ereshkigal's blonde hair and needing to know more about the Underworld.

I was already impressed with the overall quality, fit and finish of other Badger Ordnance products, and this charging handle is no exception.
The Radian Raptor is arguably the most popular ambi charging handle on the market, and while the texture of the gripping surface is aggressive, I'd argue that the overall profile of the handle is sharper than I wanted. The Badger Ordnance charging handle is rounder, smoother, and just a little bigger/wider than the Radian Raptor.

The Badger Ordnance charging handle is well-built, which is apparent before even putting it in the blaster. Fit and finish is well above the Radian Raptor (as expected considering the cost). In my GGP upper, Geissele and Radian charging handles have a bit of lateral "play". That is, when I pull out Senpai, it can jiggle left and right and actually comes out at a slight angle UwU. This seems to create a lot of potentially unnecessary wear on components. Not that I think this will cause an operational failure on my weapon system, but it doesn't feel right to spend $80 on a wobbly charging handle. The Badger Ordnance charging handle fits perfectly and pulls back straight every time. It's a little difference that is immediately noticeable -- it feels like i have more positive control.

Its grip texture is not as aggressive as the Raptor's, but there is enough to grab onto and maintain positive control. The edges are curved, so they pose a reduced snag hazard (Looking at you, G... with your little pointy devil horns). I'm extra, so I put the FCD LDFA on my upper, and the combination of this charging handle and a rimless forward assist make for a sleek profile.
Is it worth the $20+ over the Radian Raptor? That's up to you to decide. I'm not sure I'm ready to replace all of my other charging handles, but the Badger Ordnance has found a long-term spot on my main blaster and it feels about as right as gazing upon Rin's zettai ryouiki: Team Tohsaka 100%.

230765/10 stars.


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