B5 Systems AR-15 Mil-Spec SOPMOD Stocks


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B5 Systems AR-15 Mil-Spec SOPMOD Stocks


The SOPMOD stock, designed by the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) has seen service for many years on the rifles used by SEALs and other US Special Operation Forces. This stock features water resistant storage compartments and a sloped surface for comfortable cheek welds. It is bulkier and stronger than standard stocks, and is favored by many for its ability to balance out AR-15s equipped with lasers, sights, night vision, and sound suppressors which can make a weapon front heavy.

The B5 Systems variant of the SOPMOD stock is priced well, and would make an excellent stock for any weapon with a MIL-SPEC diameter receiver extension.

Manufacturer B5 Systems
MPN SOP-1xxx
Shipping Restriction ITAR/Export Restricted
MSRP $95.99
Weapon Model AR15/M16
Material Polymer
Stock Type Collapsible
Has Storage Yes


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Based on 3 review(s) (3)

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B5 is the way.

Posted by Cody | (Posted on 1/23/2022)

I've got one of these on an A5 buffer and there's no play in the stock. Storage is nice even though I can't take advantage since it won't fit 18650s (B5 lets make it happen). There's even a spot in the buttpad for a multitasker m:4 which is nice.


Tried and True Stock

Posted by Hunter | (Posted on 1/18/2022)

I ordered this stock to complete my Block 2 Clone and as always B5 delivers a superb product that meets and exceeds all standards.

Only complaint to be had is that the Rubber pad that B5 puts on the stock can be a snag hazard on certain shirts but with kit on it makes shooting a breeze with an excellent cheek weld and good heads up awareness.

10/10 for Customer Service and shipping also, I’ve ordered multiple times from Roy and the crew and I’ve still yet to have a bad experience!


Does not hold snacks.

Posted by John | (Posted on 5/1/2020)

I bought this stock from WO-kun ~4 years ago, and it's still the go-to in my war box. Whenever I find myself with a strange new blaster, I'll swap out the stock for mine. This thing has been used as a hammer, makeshift grappling hook, and a number of other duties not in its job title, but it has held up.
That being said, I have a love-hate relationship with the B5 cheek weld. 95% of the time, I love it. 5% of the time I think the whole stock is too big, because I'm fickle. Important to consider that with electronic ear pro and armor, the B5 stock isn't the slimmest. Because of this, I often shoulder the rifle canted on first engagement. I have to run my sling looser to keep the big rubber pad from catching on things, but considering that I slam the rifle in my face, the generous surface on the B5 + the pad make me feel less baka. The stock is heavy and thicc, but it helps balance out front-heavy blasters.
I do not use the QD on this stock, so I can't speak to it, instead opting for VTAC sling + slot. The generous surface area and texture of the stock help keep the sling in place. (side kudos to both B5 and VTAC for the numerous occasions when I should have lost a gat in the stupidest ways possible but didn't thanks to those two items...)
It's hard to clean because of the tiny, tight spaces (◠﹏◠✿) and you can't keep healthy snacks in the storage tubes. If you fill the storage tubes with batteries, you'll need to stuff them like Eris' bra so you're not carrying a war maraca. And the tubes are hard as *** to take out until you've broken them in a bit ಠ◡ಠ and give them a bit of CLP. The latch also rattles just a little bit, but you can throw a rigger band on it.
There's a reason this stock is so popular -- it's durable and it works.
I do not say this lightly, but: 275789/10 stars!


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