[Bundle] Custom Modlite Weapon Mounted Light Package


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[Bundle] Custom Modlite Weapon Mounted Light Package


With this bundle, you can assemble your optimal MODLITE weapon mounted light in one stop!

Modlite is using the latest in battery technology to offer super bright weapon lights that maintain consistent output.  The 18350 batteries generally have a 30-45 minute run time.  Ideal on shorter guns that don't have a lot of space or when trying to save weight.  The 18650 lights offer almost twice the run time at about 75 minutes.  Run time can be effected by extreme temperatures, so expect some variance there.  If you expect to be using these lights operationally or an extended hunt, we recommend purchasing some spare batteries.  

Our bundle let's you save 10% on all components you select!  We offer the most variety in mounts and accessories to help outfit your needs.  Do note that only In Stock Options are visible to add to your cart.  

Select from the following required components:

  • Modlite Head (PLH, PLHv2, PLH5K, OKW, and IR-940)
  • Modlite or Reptilia Light Body (18350 or 18650 size, corresponds with the battery cell you intend to use)

The following component sections are all optional but would also be a part of the savings:

  • Tailcap or Tape Switch Set (Surefire, Modlite, Arisaka)
  • Mounts (IWC, Arisaka, Surefire, Magpul, HSP, Geissele, KAC, and more)
  • Batteries, Unity TAPS SYNC and Hot Buttons tape switches, Surefire UE Tail Caps (needs tape switch), Battery Chargers

The Reptilia TORCH Light Bodies are also an integrated M-LOK mount.  Select by color, battery cell size, and which side you want to run the light on.  The side (Left Side, Right Side) orients the light body in the 11 or 1 o'clock position respectively.  If you need recommendations, shoot us an email!

The Unity Hot Button is a momentary/click on-off direct activation button with a 9" cable for optimal placement based on where you support hand wants to be.  The Unity TAPS SYNC is a pre-programmed tape switch for integrating your weapon light with laser activation.  The versions are specified by Front / Rear buttons, which are:

  • V1: Light  / Light + Laser
  • V2:  Laser / Light + Laser
  • V3:  Light + Laser / Light
  • V4:  Light + Laser / Laser

Select which option works with your theory of use.  Our recommendation for use with the MAWL would be Variant 1 or Variant 3 mounted behind the MAWL.  For users with PEQ-15s/DBAL, etc:  We recommend Variant 2 or Variant 4.  The activation position is based off preference and weapon platform.  

Shipping Restriction No
Color Black
Mil-Spec/Mil Issued Equipment No


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