[Bundle] Unity Tactical FUSION Micro Hub 2.0 Builder


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[Bundle] Unity Tactical FUSION Micro Hub 2.0 Builder


Unity Tactical's FUSION was designed to maximize the use of rail space while remaining lightweight and low profile. The Micro Hub 2.0 is constructed from precision milled 6061-T6 aluminum that is then Type 3 anodized in black or FDE for durability. The interface points are very strong and provide for a very rigid mount.  The picatinny rail Fusion Micro Hub 2.0 has 2 mounting surfaces; a top surface and one wing surface.  Wing accessories are reversible for left or right handed shooters.  The Micro Hub 2.0 has been updated for improved integration with the B.E. Meyers MAWL-DA and MAWL-C1+.  

 All FUSION accessories share the same footprint, which means that any accessory can be mounted to any other accesory, for example:  The Exectutive Series Ring Light Mount can be mounted to the ATPIAL adapter or the Micro Hub 2.0 itself at either 12 o'clock or on the wing.  This gives you a highly flexible interface for mounting a combination of iron sights, lights, and lasers.  

The ATPIAL (and updated LightWing Adapters) can be used to mount the Micro Hub 2.0 with a light behind the ATPIAL on the 12 o'clock rail.  The LightWing Adapters are the "2.0" of the original ATPIAL Adapter, featuring more mounting holes for greater modularity.*  

Fusion Accessory Compatibility and Use List:

  • TOP INTERFACE:  Surefire Scout Light / Ring Light Mount / Backup Iron Sights / Extension / Atlas Bipod
  • SIDE INTERFACE: Surefire Scout Light / Surefire Raid Light / Ring Light Mount / Backup Iron Sight / Extension / Offset Rail / Offset Wing Mount / Offset Optics / ATPIAL Adapter / LightWing Adapter

Colors:  All accesories are available Type III Hardcoat Anodized Black or Flat Dark Earth (FDE)


*NOTE:  The ATPIAL and LightWing Adapters come in Left and Right side versions, however either side can be used ambidextrously depending on where the Micro Hub 2.0 is placed.  A Left Hand LightWing Adapter will put the light on the left side of the ATPIAL if the Micro Hub is mounted behind the ATPIAL. 

If the Micro Hub is mounted in front of the ATPIAL, a Left Hand ATPIAL Adapter can be reversed and used on the right side of the weapon.

Shipping Restriction ITAR/Export Restricted
Material 6061-T6 Aluminum
Material Finish Type III Hard Coat Anodized
Color No


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Simple and elegant.

Posted by John | (Posted on 5/3/2020)

I was looking for a front sight solution for my main blaster, and *deep breath* the Unity Tactical Fusion Micro Hub 2.0 fit my requirements. Thankfully WO-Kun has this bundle builder, so you can save some time and piece together everything you need.
About the front end of my main blaster: BA 14.0" barrel with a Centurion CMR Gen 12" rail, short-range lumey boi Arisaka 300 series with a momentary on my support side. I don't have a laser... yet...
I had been running an Arisaka offset mount with my light, and it was a pain fitting CMR rail covers anywhere IVO the mount. I wasn't happy with the ergonomics of the situation because I was having to move my support hand more than I'd like IOT actuate the light. But I also have long arms, so this isn't a knock against CMR rails, Arisaka light mounts, etc. It's just that combo didn't fit me and my requirements.

Back to front sights: I was seriously considering the KAC Mk12/18 front sight because I know it's near-bombproof, BUT... I prefer fixed front sights. The topic of fixed versus flip BUIS is a forever war being waged on neckbeard-filled Internet forums. That being said, I like fixed front sights because 1) one less complication, 2) point of reference through my primary optic (EOTech=window gang, those toilet paper roll bois could never).

The Fusion Micro has entered my life as a simple, elegant solution to both my light mount and front sight problems (thanks, Jaxon-Kun). There are other fixed front sight options, but I'd argue that the Fusion Micro allows for a more streamlined, simplified solution. And it doesn't have a giant ugly logo on the front like one of the other popular fixed front sight options (there is a tasteful Unity Tactical logo, not a giant set of initials). I mounted my Arisaka light directly to the hub and it's PERFECT. I don't have to change my support grip anymore to actuate the light, and the whole thing keeps a compact, slim profile. High manufacturing quality and tolerance is apparent in assembly and mounting, and its modularity ensures that I'll have many configuration options in the future. I usually don't lump modular and simple together, but Unity Tactical nailed it.

While there is potential flaw in the fact that my light and front sight are only as strong as the Scout-type screws holding them all together, I'd like to think that if there was a catastrophic impact that knocked the light and front sight off my blaster, I've got other problems. Now I'll have dudes who watch torture test videos all day trying to dox me -- I said what I said.
The Unity Tactical Micro Fusion Micro Hub is well-built, super modular and has potential solutions for everyone. If you're on the fence for a front sight and light mount solution, consider the Fusion Micro.

296889/10 stars.


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