[Bundle] Custom Scout Weapon Light Package


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[Bundle] Custom Scout Weapon Light Package


Save 10% with our custom Scout Light Builder!

The Scout light configuration is an industry standard first introduced by Surefire.  Several high quality manufacturers produce products that interface and are fully compatible with Surefire lights and components and vice versa!

Thanks to the work of the great folks at Arisaka Defense, Reptilia,Malkoff Devices, and more -- you can now build a complete weapon mounted light just like the legendary Surefire Scout Light without any actual Surefire components.  It's like building a Glock without any Glock parts.  Or if you have extra bits and pieces laying around, pair those loose ends with these great parts and build up a new, improved weapon mounted light!

We've got Tailcaps and light bodies by Arisaka and Surefire, and Light bezels by Malkoff Devices and Surefire.  These components are all cross compatible with Surefire products, so mix and match as you see fit.  

We've curated all compatible mounts and accessories we have in stock as part of this bundle to take the guess work out of your build.

Please note:  The only limitation in this bundle is that you must pair a 2-cell/battery Light Heads (Malkoff E2 Series) should only be mounted with the 2-cell/battery light bodies (M600 series.)  Single-cell battery Light Heads (Malkoff E1, Surefire KM1) should only be paired with Arisaka 300 Light Bodies.

Shipping Restriction ITAR/Export Restricted
Color Black


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