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Colt Wheelguns in Media

Posted on April 12, 2014 by Roy L..

Susan Coffey with a Colt Python Susan Coffey with a Colt Python

Susan Coffey as one of my favorite fictional characters from the 80s.

She's toting around a pal's rare, like new condition Colt Python (probably a lot more handy than a Crossbow in most scenarios).  For these poses, I imagined her as a perturbed woman on edge, and remembered the way ex girlfriends looked at me when i've wrong them.  The pistol isn't pointed at the viewer... but it's right there, seemingly hanging loosely from her relaxed wrist and firm grip.

One thing with the Colt Python/Anaconda in media is that no one ever seems to hold them straight, especially Rick in "Walking Dead". It's always held at an angle as if the power of the cartridge adds mass and weight of steel is heavier in cumbersome (and intimidating) revolvers than in semi-automatics.  Colt wheelguns are characters in their own right... and afforded some gravitas that a modern semi-automatic pistol would never get in the limelight.

Susan Coffey with a Colt Python Susan Coffey with a Colt Python

For most, weapons are talismans and symbols more than they are tools... more as something to flash to show off and intimidate than anything.  I can get that.  But truth is, any person who gets into a moving gunfight against a hostile at least roughly familiar with modern gunfighting styles be it from legit sources or movies/media with a revolver is likely to be outgunned with fire firing, fast reloading, accurate, and highly reliable semi-automatic pistols found on the market today.

That being said, there is something about a big honking wheel gun that makes everyone go "oooh" and "ahhhh" when it's show and tell time.  As a symbol, the Colt Python and Anaconda are unmatched in terms of beauty and intimidation, but when it comes to defensive, competitive, or professional use, the utility and value of a modern semi-automatic pistol is hard to beat.

Outfit yer weapon, outfit yer face...

Posted on March 31, 2014 by Roy L..


Makeup Outfitters

Seattle, WA - April 1, 2014 - Washington state based weapons accessories business "Weapon Outfitters", identified with its distinctive WO logo, is turning that W upside down, and abandoning the business of outfitting modern firearms in lieu of the FABULOUS makeup and women's accessories business.

Tired of beards, dip, and night vision photography, the company formerly known as Weapon Outfitters released a statement earlier today from warehouse stacked with high end weapons accessories and demo weapons that once made an Army medic exclaim:  "What the fuck is this Navy SEAL shit?!"

"Due to the price of ammo, and the geometric rise in man drama between gun nerds on the internet, we've decided to just ditch the whole "guns" in "girls and guns" thing and just sell makeup to chicks" said Roy Lindenbergh, president and CEO of Weapon Outfitters.  "The margins are higher, and the clients are a 17 times more likely to be female, and that's kind of relevant to my interests."

Weapon Outfitters later announced a discount code "MakeupOutfitters" would be activated to offer 10% off all in stock, in stock items to help shift their company's focus from Weapons to Makeup.

Makeup Outfitters Cover

My Precious

Posted on March 29, 2014 by Roy L..

My Precioussss

WO_L8330 - 960 - PNG Draft 2

Centurion Arms Modular Rails in 14" are back in stock! They work great with 14.7" and 14.5" barrels!

Centurion Arms Modular Rail (CMR) in 14" Available here:http://bit.ly/1o5BE43

Centurion Arms Modular Rail (CMR) in 12" Available here:http://bit.ly/ISMOYU

We've got some Rainier Arms 14.5" Cold Hammer Froged barrels in stock! Manufactured by Daniel Defense for Rainier Arms, these high quality barrels already have gas blocks installed and pinned on:


Magpul Industries Corp. K2 Pistol Grip:http://www.weaponoutfitters.com/magpul-k2.html

Fortis Manufacturing F1 Aimpoint Mount:http://www.weaponoutfitters.com/fortis-t-1-mount.html

Fallout Tribute

Posted on March 28, 2014 by Roy L..

Ethereal Rose spent the better part of the day in a dark, dank, creepy Titan 1 Missile nuclear silo with only the precious electricity piped in from a mobile generator outside allowing us to in the deep dark artificial cavern.

Stepping out into the sunlight just in time for the sunset in early winter was truly a treat for us.  That "look" on her face is for real, hahaha

Being a huge Fallout 3 fan, I was tickled by the new additions that Bethesda added to Fallout: New Vegas in regards to firearms and reloading.  There must be some gun nerds at that game company, but the addition of more semi realistic weapons and reloading as a gameplay mechanic was pretty refreshing.

WO_L1008 copy

New York Reload, AR-15 Style

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Roy L..

People frequently get caught up with the"stuff" in their hobbies... doesn't matter if your hobby is cars, computers, photography, painting, ice climbing, hiking... we can't help but have a little bit of attachment to the tools that help us exert our will as the subjects of our own lives.  We all know "that guy" who has a ridiculously expensive and customized (noun) but can't seem to (verb) for shit with it... whereas some other bloke with a much cheaper (noun) is amazing at (verb)ing with his affordable (noun).

In firearms this definitely seems to be fairly true for a lot of folks, especially folks who've just got into shooting, or those who've been collectors for a long, long time.  While I certainly take pride in ownership for certain firearms in my collection, most of the time... a gun's a gun's a gun.  It's just a tool and a means to an end, and the most important component of any tool is its wielder.

To illustrate this concept that I believe it so firmly, I actually used a very, very special rifle with this shot with Ethereal Rose... a friend's Colt SP-1 so old the serial number doesn't even have "SP" on it.  For all your old school gin-u-wine gun nerds... you'll notice something on the charging handle...  Brownie points who can tell me what it is!  Aside from a little customization, this rifle is in extremely good condition and I was glad to handle such a beautiful specimen... but all the while imagined it as just a utilitarian tool instead of a awesome collector's item.

Basic concept of this series was that of a lucky scavenger, with both a top of the line modern rifle, with an old school, lightweight, A1 style rifle as a quick backup: hope you like it!

Ethereal Rose, AR-15 and SP-1 Ethereal Rose, AR-15 and SP-1

Model:  Ethereal Rose

Rifle, Equiped with a Centurion Arms Modular Rail in 14, Centurion Arms 14.7" Barrel, Fortis F1 Optic mount

CMT Tactical Billet Lower

Rail:  http://www.weaponoutfitters.com/centurion-arms-cmr-rail-14.html

Stock: http://www.weaponoutfitters.com/ar-15-m-16-parts/lower-receivers-parts/stocks/b5-systems-sopmod-stock.html

Light: http://www.weaponoutfitters.com/m300b-bk.html

Suppressor Mount:  http://www.weaponoutfitters.com/surefire-sf3p-556.html

Pack:  Grey Ghost Gear, in Kryptek

Gloves: Mechanix Wear in Ladies size M

Preview, from our photoshoot with Susan Coffey

Posted on March 25, 2014 by Roy L..

Any guesses as to which character inspired us for a shoot with Susan this past weekend?

We did a separate project with our friends at Combat Flip Flops, so be sure to follow them as well!  They'll be releasing the first batch of badass, awesome photos featuring fellow Ranger from 2/75!

Check em out here on


WO_L8788 Preview

New Banner Ad for Spring, 2014 featuring Susan Coffey

Posted on March 25, 2014 by Roy L..

I'm ADHD and overworked... so completely forgot to do a winter banner photo for the website ACK!  I had the perfect image too, that of Ethereal Rose which I used for my banner photo on Facebook


No fear, got a spring themed one up featuring Susan Coffey.

2014 Spring Front Page

Funny thing about this photo is that we got kitted out at the last minute by the fine folks at Arc'Teryx LEAF and Combat Flip Flops with really, really hard to find stuff like female size Alpha jackets, and limited edition Atom jackets in Multicam (not even available for sale), and a scarf made in Afghanistan.

Susan is holding my perennial favorite personal upper build: a lightweight, accurate, and durable Centurion Arms build.  Centurion Arms barrel and Modular Rail system, along with a Fortis Manufacturing Aimpoint mount.

Spring Time

Posted on March 24, 2014 by Roy L..

WO_L1730_EDIT_WEBpng copy Draft 2

It's been a long, brutal winter, and while some of us have gotten used to how much it sucks to be be cold all the time, it seems we've finally come to that magical time of the year where the possibilities of the long days of spring and summer are laid out bare in front of us.

I look forward to enjoying the great outdoors of this magnificent country, and enjoying the hard won freedoms afforded to me and my fellow citizens.  I'm getting my ammunition loading books out and adding kit to some builds I started over the winter... a sling here, a bipod there...

To help facilitate this, my employees and I did a quick and dirty moving inventory of our wares over 2 days, and we're now offering a spring cleaning discount code of 10% off all in stock items.  Just use "springcleaning14" during checkout to knock 10% off your order on all items (except for those from certain manufacturers who I am contractually unable to offer sales on), good until the 28th, and code cannot be combined with other discount codes.

Susan Coffey in Seattle

Posted on March 23, 2014 by Roy L..

Given that we're kinda known for redheads, it was a pleasure and honor to work with one of the best known redheads on the internet, Susan Coffey.

Be sure to keep an eye on this blog for more updates!

WO_L9288 copy

2014 Long Range Operator's Challenge

Posted on March 20, 2014 by Roy L..

A few months ago I heard about the Long Range Operator's Challenge from Tarrol Peterson.  Tarrol is a retired Army sniper, who's had a long and interesting career from going to Somalia with 10th Mountain to being the OIC at the US Army Sniper School.  Given his past experience organizing the annual US Army International Sniper Competition as well as his experience working with industry, this competition seemed intriguing.

T Peterson

The competition was designed to challenge shooters and their equipment equally:  the rules required two man teams to utilize whatever equipment they had on hand to engage targets of varying unknown distances in unknown terrain.  Seems a simple enough challenge on paper, but field conditions in the north east corner of Washington definitely complicated things.  Due to the unpredictability of Washington in spring, there was a massive amount of snow dumped onto the match location the week before, and over the course of the match, fast moving low clouds, rain, and quickly shifting wind also proved to be challenges to shooter


.WO_L1549 - 1600 WO_L1607-1600 WO_L1749-1600

Teams were required to carry all their equipment between stages, and distance between stages could be deceptively long with elevation changes, snow, wind, and light navigation required.   I'd estimate distance between stages to be 400 yards on average:  not enough to make this a wholly physical event, but not so easy as to make things a stroll in the park so one could lug around needless equipment.  Snow shoes were not absolutely required, but definitely helped on a number of stages.  Some competitors did well simply with hiking boots, Gaiters and jeans... I went for the whole 9 yards myself with the Salomon Boots, Patagonia Goretex pants, and Arc'Teryx Alpha LT on top of synthetic base layers.Targets were AR-500 steel targets or a variety of sizes from small head sized boxes to more traditional USPSA "popper" sized targets at longer ranges. A single laterally moving target on a rail system was used to maximum effect to challenge shooters.  On the first day, it was placed at 485 yards away, moving at 3-4 mph depending on who you ask.  The lateral movement was an insurmountable challenge to some, and an easily conquered one for those with the equipment and experience to hit moving targets. Each stage was manned by experienced long range enthusiasts of all types who've gone to countless long range matches who served as stage directors as well as target spotters.  The personnel intensive nature of this competition was necessary, given the difficulty of spotting and scoring long range shooting matches.

WO_L1675- 1600 WO_L1826- 1600

One stage, sponsored by Glock, required shooters to engage pistol targets while moving with a slung rifle, before engaging with rifle targets.  That stage utilized the new Glock 41 long slide 45 ACP pistol, and was a good for all involved.  Match volunteers built a fire near this stage, and it became an unofficial break/rest area for support staff who got to handle Silencero suppressors as well as Gemtech suppressed M24 BE Meyers was kind enough to bring out.

WO_L1576 - 1600 WO_L1967 - 1600

Competitors included a number of team from US Army teams from around the country, International military observers, to civilian teams.  Equipment was diverse and a pleasure to see tested, with some teams running issued equipment from a M24 ("where did you manage to get that!?" a RSO and young retired sniper remarked) to a refurbished Mk110 SASS.  Non issued equipment quickly got exotic and expensive, with Nemo Arms semi automatic 300 Win Mag rifle, a Desert Tactical Arms bull pup sniper rifle, a Primary Weapon Systems Mk2 (piston AR-10 variant), GA Precision GAP-10, and Remington 700s of all flavors from vanilla to exotic were present.

WO_L1760-1600 WO_L1934-1600

Support equipment also varied wildly.  Given that this was a team event, the value of an experienced spotter was shown more than once to me, with good wind and distance calls being vital to the shooter.  It is worth noting however, that the winner of the event was a one man team and who made up for his lack of a spotter with great experience and equipment.


It was interesting that in particular, the civilian teams seemed to have a lot more high speed rifles and gear, freed from the restraints of military ammunition and equipment supply and logistics.  In particular, it became clear that competitors who were able to use more specialized long range rounds had a very large advantage at longer ranges.  Civilian long range enthusiasts are free to experiment with ammunition, rifles, gunpowder, primers, and reloading techniques to extract out accuracy that would be hard to issue en masse to military forces.


The first Long Range Operator's Challenge was a great event that brought military and civilian long range shooters together, and allowed us to compare and note differences and advantages brought on by different techniques and equipment.  I would observe that civilian outdoor equipment was preferred by even the military teams.  As a whole, trained military teams seemed to have an advantage with techniques, and had superior spotter support and fieldcraft in general.  Civilian teams in general, had superior rifles and ammunition with all other factors being about equal.

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